Our health and safety watchdog team fields and addresses concerns about health and safety, including building ventilation issues on our campus. If you’d like to become more involved in health and safety on our campus, please let us know, and fill out this form.

Indoor Environmental Quality

The Professional Staff Congress at Queens College has long been concerned about indoor environmental quality and how it affects teaching and learning, working conditions, and health. In the past, we formed a “watchdog committee” with staff from various buildings and departments, but all too often we hear about problems only sometime after they have emerged. Some problems are never reported to us because faculty and staff have become convinced that nothing can be done to help.

We have asked the college to take more seriously its responsibility to inform staff and faculty about hazardous conditions in general, and about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning problems in particular. We have observed some improvement in recent years. Nevertheless, we can improve how effectively the union can respond to emerging problems if we compile an inventory of problematic areas.

We can also provide thermometers and log forms to monitor temperature conditions.

For more information, contact Kevin Birth (Anthropology):

Click here to access PSC-CUNY’s Health and Safety Resource Library with information about Long COVID and Workers’ Compensation, mold, masking, and more.